How to Apply to Scholarships – 7 Essential Tips

Are you looking for some tips on how to apply to scholarships and stand out? You are not alone! We know students across the world are hunting for the best financial assistance that universities have to offer. 

If you feel intimidated and overwhelmed by this process, this article will help… you just have to follow the steps and tips below! ???? 

7 Scholarship Tips – What to do?

#1: Start Early

Start early… like right now if possible! The earlier you start, the less risky it is that you will miss the deadline. You will also have more time to perfect the application.

Make sure to take the time and energy to be fully committed to this process. Finding scholarships and completing the applications can take a while, organize your daily tasks to dedicate time just for that. 

#2: Proofread the Application

Each application will have different qualifications and instructions. Read them carefully and always proofread the scholarship application multiple times!

It is important to be organized in order not to miss any documents or paperwork when applying. Although you can send the missing documents later, this will delay the process and might have a negative impact on your application.

#3: Apply to Several Scholarships

Why restrict yourself to only one or two scholarships when you can always apply for more? The more you apply, the more there’s a possibility that you’ll get one!

Not only that, but you can also look for all the categories available, you never know… you might find your match! If you qualify for academic, artistic, and athletic scholarships, submit an application for all.  

#4: Network in Your Community

It’s true, searching for scholarships online is a good way to do it, but you should also use other sources. For instance, you can contact the financial aid office at your university or speak with an advisor at your high school for guidance. 

Don’t be afraid to network and look around in your local community for scholarship opportunities. The government in your country, organizations, employers, and local businesses might all answer your question of how to apply for scholarships

However, as you will be looking for more than one source, be mindful of scams. Always learn about the source and remember that you never have to pay when applying for scholarships.

#5: Focus on the Essay

Writing a scholarship essay might take time, but it really is a useful tool to showcase your story and mention why you deserve it.

Don’t avoid applying just because it has an essay portion, this could be your chance to write about the special things about you! 

Also, remember to update your essay and resume for the scholarship application by tailoring each one to a specific opportunity. If you reuse the same essay it won’t sound as specific.

It would also be helpful to send it to someone else to receive feedback. Check out the best 5 people to help with that here.

If you’re still worried about this part, here are some tips on how to write a scholarship essay:

  • Plan in advance to ensure that the quality of your writing is ideal.
  • Know your audience and give them what they’re looking for. For example, if the scholarship is about financial needs, be sure to emphasize that topic.
  • Understand the guidelines like meeting the word count, answering the prompt, and following the correct format.
  • Keep your tone positive and inspirational throughout the essay!
  • Use real-life, personal, and emotional examples to create a connection between you and the reader.
  • Keep a good structure in the essay like starting with an introduction, body, and then a conclusion. 
  • Be very mindful of your introduction, you want to write something surprising and catchy that will hook the reader. For example, which one sounds more interesting to you?

“I graduated with honors from high school.”


“Throughout my high school years, my dedication, hard work, and passion for education allowed me to graduate with honors.”

The second, right? So, Always add more details! ????

#6: Personalize the Application

The scholarship application should reflect your personality and authentic voice. Be sure to mention the special things about you, like any hardship that you went through and how you overcame it. 

It is okay to ask for help, but it is best if you don’t let your friends or anyone do your application for you unless they’re editing it. 

While not all scholarships consider social media as an important aspect, it may still make you stand out among other applicants. 

On your social media accounts, you can simply present your personal and academic achievements or even a volunteer project that you were a part of.

#7: Keep Your Grades Up

Always ask yourself, “Is this the best that I can do?”. You want to aim for higher grades as it will increase your chance of getting a scholarship.

But don’t get discouraged if your grades aren’t high! Many scholarships consider other things like financial need, talents, and other special things in you.

Best way to search for scholarships

Here are some of the best websites to find scholarships:

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