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Job Search and Find Program

Dedicated to connecting talents from around the world with job opportunities in Europe, the USA,
Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This program supports the global economy by
facilitating employment across a wide range of industries.


Has Finds Their Jobs



We offer access to

a diverse range of jobs in
various countries

including healthcare (doctors, nurses), technology (software engineers), finance (accountants), management, trades (drivers, chefs, cleaners,
plumbers, electricians),construction workers, and more. The program is tailored to align your unique skills and experiences with suitable
international job opportunities.

Applicant Assessment:

Each applicant is thoroughly assessed based on age, work experience, and skills (Educational Background).

Document Preparation:

Professional preparation of CVs, cover letters, and other necessary documents to international standards.

Job Application Process:

We apply for jobs on your behalf in Europe, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, targeting up to 50companies. Applicants are categorized based on English

Application and Selection Process

We select target countries and companies based on your profile. The timeframe for job applications can vary, and we maintain communication with employers on your behalf throughout the process.
  1. Initial Consultation (Free)
  2. Assessment and Option
  3. File Preparation and Submission

Visa Application and Immigration

Once a job contract and sponsorship letter are secured, applicants can apply for a visa. The program supports visa applications and provides guidance for bringing partners and dependents.

Fees and Charges

A processing fee is charged for our services, which includes preparing and applying for jobs. The fee is €300 for Europe and €400 for worldwide applications. Additional fees apply for visa processing assistance.


Our students' voices matter. Their insights shape our values and
drive our commitment to excellence.

At One Hub Study, you feel like part of a family, as they are very encouraging and supportive. They assisted me with all my applications and the whole process went smoothly.
Course: Msc Management of Business
University: Information Technology Greenwich University

Youseef Radouani Copywriter

The lovely team at One Hub Study really looked after me, even after my arrival in London. I can honestly say that they guide you to pick the best pathway for your career.
Course: BA Business Management
University: London South Bank University

Rida Naeem Designer


how our process works

CV Submission: We submit your CV and cover letter directly to these recruitment companies and various job sites, ensuring your application reaches a wide array of potential employers

Continuous Applications: Throughout the year, we actively submit your application to employers who offer positions that match your specific skills, qualifications, and work experience. While not all employers respond to applications, we meticulously track and record each submission. This record-keeping ensures that we can review and analyze the progress of your applications and adapt our strategies as needed to increase your chances of success in finding a suitable job.

Email Updates: You will receive updates directly in your email, which you can access at any time. As we also have access to this account, we can monitor responses and further communications from potential employers.

Regular Contact: Every 10 to 12 weeks, one of our staff members will contact you to discuss the latest updates and the next steps in the process, ensuring you are well-informed and supported throughout your job search.


OUR Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which country and which job are you applying for?
Ans: We will assess your skills, English language proficiency, and the package you choose, and then apply for the job accordingly.

Q2: How long will it take for my job and work visa to be processed?
Ans: We will assess your skills, English language proficiency, and the package you choose, and then apply for the job accordingly.

Q3: Is my job guaranteed?
Ans: Please note that this is a job search and find program. We guarantee to prepare your paperwork to international standards and apply for jobs in specified countries. You can see the confirmation of applications through shared email access. The time it takes varies and may extend up to one year.

Q4: How can I confirm that my job application has been submitted?
Ans: You can confirm the status of your application through shared email access.

Q5: What about the processing fees?
Ans: The processing fees paid are non-refundable and cover the extensive services provided.

Q6: How does the visa process work?
Ans: Once a job is secured, we provide guidance for the visa application process. For complete visa processing assistance from your home country, additional fees of €300-€500 apply.